Building Materials?

Yes, building materials – more specifically buying and selling them.  I’ve worked in the industry since 1997 and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.  My hope is that this blog helps everyone avoid the latter two.

The average size of homes in the U.S. has increased over the last 40 years, the methods of construction and the materials used haven’t changed much.  We’ve seen building products evolve over time, becoming more efficient to produce and use, but the basics remain the same.

The building materials supply chain has remained largely unchanged as well.   Yes, it seems like a dealer gets purchased by a larger company every week, but product still flows the same way.  Supplies may come from China or Mexico now, but so does almost everything else we buy.

We haven’t seen a real revolution in building materials in a long time.  The first hint of change began with the design and production of safer products.  Continue reading Why A Blog About Building Materials?

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